How did Adam and Eve's kids have kids?

I have always wondered about this, but I can’t seem to get an answer. So I’m asking you guys. So Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth, and they had kids…but how did their kids have kids?

Answer #1

the bible isnt literal it means different things thn what it sas.

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Answer #3

yea it is kinda crazy cause it seems like we all are family coming from a eve and adam

Answer #4

read Genesis 3.. you ll get all the answers you need.

That doesn’t answer anything. To suggest ALL humanity came from ONE vagina is ridiculous.

Answer #5

Agreed with tooshyguy (heh). Just because the Bible only talks about Adam and Even being the first, that does not mean that God did not create more people afterwards. It seems like a big part to leave out of the story, but it makes more sense than inbreeding, especially considering that Cain met a wife even though Eve had not yet had any daughters.

Answer #6

I dont beleive in any god but the only way to explain adam and eve populating the planet is if there children practised incest had sex with each other

Answer #7

the bible says that it was only adam and eve…they had children and their children had children…it may not seem right, but we are the children of god…

Answer #8

the bible does not say. It says Adam and Eve were the first, but it does not say ‘only’ people made.

Answer #9

The Bible (considering the time period) referred to only the men in groups of people. Adam and Eve have Cain and Abel right? For all we know, they could have had a bunch of daughters as well. Plus God had His hand in those generations of people making them exceedingly fertile until they branched out far enough. all of this is, of course, if you take the Bible literally. There’s a completely different, harder-to-understand, version of the story if you don’t.

Answer #10

It’s just a story. Even the ancient Jews knew Genesis was not literally true.

Answer #11

The bible has numerous cases of incest and polygamy…

Answer #12

So what your saying is that Adam and Eve had a boy and a girl. And they were inbred. That really don’t sound right.

Answer #13

they had sex, got pregnant and had kids…

Answer #14

adam and eve are fake. theres more than 2 races in the world people. think a little*

*there’s a thing called micro-evolution that even Creationists believe in which is irrefutably true (we can see it’s changes in our lifetime, not millions of years). With micro-evolution, small changes in biological chemistry occur depending on location. Where it’s hotter, skin, eye, and hair pigment tend to be darker. In colder climates, skin is less sensitive to cold and hair is thicker and fuller.

Races are spawned from the necessity for life to carry on. If life was spawned in the middle east, it branched out around the world, adapted and grew according to personal need. For example, the Galapagos giant turtles’ shell physiology changed to allow the turtles to reach higher-up foliage due to flooding. If micro-evolution hadn’t occurred, there’d be many less species around the world in almost every kingdom of life.

“think a little”

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