Which is better tasting - Quiznos or Subway?

Answer #1

Subway! for sure haha eat fresh ;)

Answer #2


Answer #3

subway it is :) thanks

Answer #4


Answer #5

Firehouse, lol.

Answer #6

yea thats not around me :( but they are sooo yummy hehehe

Answer #7

Which ever is closer and cheaper.

Answer #8

Although I gotta say, Evos :) They removed it where I live :O I can’t live without it

Answer #9

depends on where you live here it is quiznos

Answer #10

I prefer Subway over Quiznos. The best tasting subs I’ve found is from a chain called Which Wich. This is a common chain in Texas and is branching out to other states. Which Wich sandwiches are delicious but a little on the small side (especially for the price).

Answer #11

subway ftw !

Answer #12

toasted subs- quiznos all others- subway :)

Answer #13

Subway is awesome!

Answer #14

Subway is awesome!

Answer #15

mmm i had the tuna sub wit american cheese nd pickles nd mayo.

Answer #16

i love subway

Answer #17

i like both (:

Answer #18

Quiznos, because it’s not as healthy as subway

Answer #19

Mr Goodcents- Has the best!

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