How to make sunny-side up eggs taste better?

I have no problem with cooking eggs sunny-side up but if I don’t put anything on them they taste horrible. I tried salt but it was kind of disgusting, guess I put too much but I’m not sure. I had them once when I was little and they were wonderful, I don’t know what she put on them. Is it just the brand of eggs, or do they all taste the same? If they do, then does anyone have any ideas what to put on them? Is it spices, syrup, or somethin else?

Answer #1

Salt and pepper are the common things to put on sunny side up eggs. Try putting a tablespoon of water into the pan with the eggs, and covering with a lid…and take the slime off the top…that’s what I find disgusting :)


Answer #2

A sunny-side-up egg should be cooked until the white is firm, but the yolk still liquid.

Keep your stove at about a medium heat so you don’t overcook the bottom, and there’s no harm in popping a small lid over the egg to get the white to firm up quicker.

Answer #3

It should only take a minute or so to cook it.. That’s probably why it tastes so bad, the yolk is supposed to be gooey. lol

Answer #4

Try dipping toast in the yolk. Lots of people do this. And also, you can make a sunny side up in a piece of bread.. I forget what its called, but you fold it and take a bite out of the middle of the bread. Then you butter the bread and put it on the skillet. Crack the egg in the middle of it.. Flip it when you think its right..

Answer #5

I use butter instead of that PAM stuff… and when I crack the egg and put it into the pan, I add a little bit of salt. Are you overcooking it? You can also put stuff with it, like shredded cheese.. :)

Answer #6

Most fried-style eggs are seasoned with nothing more than salt and pepper.

Perhaps it’s what you’re using to fry them in? A lot of people use margarine or oil…I prefer clarified butter for perfect flavour.

Answer #7

not sure if I’m overcooking, I usually let the yolk firm a bit, how long are you supposed to cook it?

Answer #8

you can make a sunny side up in a piece of bread.. I forget what its called

Toad in the hole :)

Answer #9

eggs bendict? Serve it on an english muffin with ham and hollandaise sauce. Its really good!

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