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Food & Chinese tea lover. Follow me on my food and tea tasting adventures as well as recommended recipes on tea and Chinese food.

Ice Cubes with Frozen Herbs & Flowers

This isn't really a detailed recipe but more a sort of idea. Ice cubes are a boring way to cool drinks. Instead why not freeze them with some aromatic herbs or flowers. In the picture below I've tested this with different chrysanthemum flowers as well as m

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How To Hold And Pour With Yixing Teapots

There are two ways to pour with an Yixing teapot. The first way is to hold it with two hands with one hand holding the handle and the other on the nob of the lid. Make sure you don't cover the hole as that would not allow the tea to flow out of the spout.

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One Table That Explains Why Caffeine in Tea Might Be Better for You T...

Source: https://www.teasenz.com/chinese-tea/tea-caffeine.html

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Brewing Dancong Oolong Tea in a Yixing Gaiwan

It's cold outside, and today I'm brewing something to warm myself up. While green tea is great to cool down in summers, more oxidized teas such as oolong tea has the opposite effect.

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Coconut Osmanthus Jelly Recipe!

I was longing for something sweet and fragrant, and I found this in a traditional Chinese dessert called coconut osmanthus jelly.

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