What soda tastes better,coke or pepsi?

I think coke taste better cause coke seems to have less carbonation and the taste doesnt seem to go away when you drink more than one.which do you think is better?

Answer #1

Coke by a long run. Pepsi sucks. I hate Pepsi. Pepsi is too sweet. Yuck!! Coke is the “Original” cola. Coke has a slighty bitter taste that quenches your thirst. Don’t drink too muck Coke - It has a lot of calories. Watch the waist-band!! LOL

Answer #2


Answer #3

Coke but I like grape and orange soda and also root beer

Answer #4

I’ve always liked coke, and drinking pepsi after that is kinda weirdd. but I don’t mind either one to be honest. haha.

Answer #5

I like Coke better. I think Pepsi is too sweet. I’m not against the whole Pepsi product though, because I love Mountain Dew just not Pepsi.

Answer #6

I like coke :)

Answer #7

I only buy Pepsi.

Answer #8

Coke definetely! I hate Pepsi because every Pepsi tastes like diet soda and I absolutely cannot STAND diet soda. That’s only my opinion though because my friend will not drink Coke she thinks it will make your nose fall off because it smells so strong LOL!!! (FYI she is only 6 years old!!!)

Answer #9

Pepsi. Its just because I don’t really like coke I can drink it but I am not big on it.

Answer #10

Pepsi. Coke gives me a weird after taste.

Answer #11

I think coke.My favorite is Moutain Dew but I like all soda really.But coke just a bit better.

Answer #12


Answer #13

Pepsi > Coke.

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