What does sashimi sushi taste like?

I have to go to a sushi restaraunt to impress someone and I am terrified because I don’t know what sashimi or sushi tastes like! I had always imagined it to taste like poo.

Is there proper ways to eat it so it tastes better? Am I risking my life eating certain things?

Answer #1

ok first of all, how do u know what poo tastes like? and second, u are goin to eat sushi to impress someone??? what in the hell is wrong with u? how is eating sushi impressing someone? wow, what a lame.

Answer #2

Don’t eat blowfish!

Tuna and Salmon taste pretty much like the fishes when cooked. If you don’t like fish you probably won’t like sushi. It tastes denser then the fish when cooked.

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