What taste better: chicken breast cooked in the oven or on the stove in a skillet?

I usually just season them and cook them in the skillet, is the oven better? Any ideas on how to prepare them other than just seasoning them.

Answer #1

I don’t think it matters much. I mean do you add oil at all when cooking them on a stove?

What about barbequing them? You microwave them for 10-15 minutes so that they are cooked and then braai them on an open fire until they turn brownish. That is what we do and it tastes delicious.

Answer #2

It taste way better in the oven & it’s healthier that way. Also you can stuff it with things like cheese (just an idea).

Answer #3

When I make chicken I usually either bake it with lemon pepper seasoning on it then eat it with mash potato’s. Or I will do it in a skillet with green/red peppers, mushrooms & onion with some sort of sauce, usually teriyaki and then put it over rice or noodles.

Answer #4

A lot of the time, it’s good to cook them in a skillet, and then put them into the oven. Whenever I just do them in the skillet, they seem to turn out soggier, and sometimes I can’t tell when they’re finished cooking on the inside. I do both, and then stick a meat thermometer into it.

Answer #5

I find the oven can dry out chicken, so if you’re going that route, allow the chicken to sit in a marinade for at least 2 hours. At any rate, If I have skin-on or coated chicken, I always sear it in a frying pan before putting it in the oven….it locks in the juices.

Answer #6

I find that chicken goes dry in the oven. If you’re going to cook it in the oven, the best thing you can do is have some kind sauce for it or actually bake it in a sauce. When my mom puts it in the oven, sometimes she puts it in with a tomato sauce mixture. We then use that sauce on spaghetti or rice, and then just eat the chicken on the side. It’s kind of like ‘chicken creole’.

Answer #7

when I cook them in the oven i usually marinate them and wrap them in aluminium foil.

Answer #8

I make it with the shake and bake breading on the outside and sort of fry it in the skillet with oil and some rice.

Answer #9

None of the above Grill ‘em, that’s the best, least in my personal opinion. Put some lemon zest/juice, crack or black pepper(crack pepper is the BEST in my personal opinion), rosemary, just a tad of garlic powder, some soy sauce, and grill it up and you’re good 1_~ or even some freshly squeezed orange juice rater than lemon and let it marinate. Oh, if you just want to be quick about it brush it with some Italian sauce.dressing Real good Rap it in aluminum foil to keep the juices in And there you go ….dangit Now I’m hungry XP

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