Swedish black hole

Ok, I’ve tried reading up on it but I haven’t seen anywhere—has anyone tried to stop this madness?!!! Are they really such dumbasses?!!

Answer #1

Before calling people dumbasses, perhaps you should find out what’s actually going on. Maybe then I wouldn’t wake up and find 6 more identical questions about the LHC on FunAdvice.

  • They’re not actually engaging in any collisions when they first fire it up. It’s just a test run in which they circulate a beam to make sure everything’s working.
  • When they do test it with collisions, they’ll be testing it at a low power that’s already been done hundreds or thousands of times in other supercolliders around the world.
  • When they do fire it up to full power (probably some time next year), yes, there’s a theory that predicts microscopic black holes. The theory’s considered pretty unlikely, and even if they do form, they will ‘evaporate’ back into nothing in extremely short order.
  • The sort of collisions they’ll be testing at full power happen in our upper atmosphere all the time. If microscopic black holes are formed that way, the earth would have been consumed by them long ago.

So in a nutshell: No, the world will not end this wednesday, or when they actually use it to test collisions, or when they fire it up to full power.

Answer #2

It’s not going to happen.

The craze is just a symptom of the fact that it takes much more time and effort to explain or understand good science than it does to invent or accept pseudoscience.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the latest thirteen science questions, and then read the answers to any of the eleven dealing with this topic. :)

Answer #3

ok, since my initial hearing about the event I’ve learned the gist of the situation and apologize for the panicky post. haha. well the main point from what I’ve heard is that it will take about a year to get the first real results…I don’t know it’s still a grapevine story…

Answer #4

people have tried to stop it…theyve sent out death threats to some of the scientists… but it is going to happen, no one has stoped it personally I think its unessessary not only does it put not just our and our childrens life at risk, but the entire human race but also because I dont beleive in the big bang theory

Answer #5

As Cthulhu has said elsewhere, the particle collisions that are going to happen are the same ones that for the last 4.5 billion years have been happening in our upper atmosphere. Chicken Little, try reading something besides sensational papers. Maybe a copy of Discover - or heaven forbid - Scientific American.

Answer #6

“what a sweedish blakc hole”

A delicious pastry? :)

A new particle accelerator recently built under parts of Sweden and France is going online tomorrow. Some people (who are generally not physicists) think that it’s going to make a stable black hole (a bit of matter so compact that its gravity will pull in anything that gets too close).

Answer #7

what a sweedish blakc hole

Answer #8

People will believe everything. The whole situation couldn’t be too bad since I didn’t hear about the hysteria until today. You really can’t escape the craze, and when tomorrow is over and we wake up on Thursday, everybody will realize you can’t believe every word someone might say. Although the end of the earth is possible, it’s highly unlikely. Less then a 1% chance.

Answer #9

uh… the world can end any day not just the beginning of the year!!! But even if it does everyone would die not just u! And worrying ain’t going to stop it. just make sure you have god’s forgiveness if you are really worried about this.

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