What would happen if you got close to a black hole?

when I was little for some reason I was told Black holes suck you in and spit you out either all stretched out or into some other place. but I have always thought of them as big space hurricanes.. but where do they take you and what do they do to you if you get close..? I am studying and I wanna become an astronomer.

Answer #1

no one knows and a black hole does suck you in but its so strong that light cant escape it

Answer #2

sunrise I like what you are saying except the fact the you dont freeze necessarily in space. you just cant obsorb heat in space as on earth. you radiate heat but none is radiated back to you you so you lose energy and thus the meaning in freezing. ;)

Answer #3

A person approaching a black hole would experience tidal forces; effects that arise due to objects not experiencing the gravitational force uniformly. Because gravity attracts parts closer to the hole more strongly, a traveler’s head would feel a different pull than his feet. Which would result in the stretching out of the human body. The tide would have alrady killed the person but then you have the central singularity to deal with. Here your entire body would be pulled apart into subatomic particles. What happens after that is impossible to say but lies somewhere in the hitherto unfathomed theory of quantum gravity. But it wouldn’t matter anyways as you are in an infite amount of pieces.

Answer #4

One quick thing, NOTHING escapes a black hole not even light itself. Obviously getting anywhere near a black hole would lead you to getting sucked into it. Most likely what would happen inside the black hole is you would near the event horizon which is a deformation of space time.

:) I think though that your molecular form would be decomposed and destroyed in a matter of seconds.

Answer #5

You would be pulled like taffy but WAY worse and be thinneer than a stran of a human hair(DANG!LOL!)And never escape and never see light again.Basiclly gone forever.And you would die pretty darn quick(no air in space and freeze to death.)Hope I helped!

Answer #6

I’m not sure but in theory you’d get sucked in and be completely obliterated. However, no one knows for sure because no one has ever done it and I don’t want to be the first one to test it out.

Answer #7

I think this is meant to be a hypothetical question haloyeah - no need to be rude.

I believe you would be stretched, pulled, and squished into a spaghetti-like strand…I’m not sure anyone really knows what happens after that, because nobody has been able to test it.

Answer #8

I won’t be rude like the other person, I believe you will get sucked in into this big hole but sooner or later you just might end up in space.

 P.S.(you dont need to grow up)
Answer #9

You obously need to grow up have you seen other people going ito black holes and get sucked in?

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