Black hole in sweden

Whats this I hear about sweden making a black hole or something…kids are talking about it at my school. I don’t know the whole story. I have absolutley no clue what theyre talkign about nor do I believe it but could anyone tell me this story? Lol…

Answer #1
  • They’re not actually engaging in any collisions when they first fire it up. It’s just a test run in which they circulate a beam to make sure everything’s working.
  • When they do test it with collisions, they’ll be testing it at a low power that’s already been done hundreds or thousands of times in other supercolliders around the world.
  • When they do fire it up to full power (probably some time next year), yes, there’s a theory that predicts microscopic black holes. The theory’s considered pretty unlikely, and even if they do form, they will ‘evaporate’ back into nothing in extremely short order.
  • The sort of collisions they’ll be testing at full power happen in our upper atmosphere all the time. If microscopic black holes are formed that way, the earth would have been consumed by them long ago.

So in a nutshell: No, the world will not end this wednesday, or when they actually use it to test collisions, or when they fire it up to full power. No, not even a ‘small’ chance - no chance at all.

Answer #2

1.) The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is being built at the border of France and SWITZERLAND!!! NOT Sweden (check your maps - Sweden doesn’t make sense).

2.)It is not replicating the first few seconds OF the Big Bang, but rather the energy levels a few seconds AFTER the Big Bang. The energy difference between the two times is horrendous.

3.) Anything produced by the LHC are the same things that have been produced in Earth’s upper atmosphere for the last 4.54 BILLION years.

4.) Any micro- Black Holes that theoretically might be produced, would instantaneously evaporate. Leaving behind a whole garden of exotic particles, which happens in our upper atmosphere already. Scientists can’t study them there, however.

5.) I grin evilly The news, as always, has it wrong. They are hell bent on being the first to report, etc. Sept 10 is only going to be a single beam sent around the collider. The first COLLISION is slated for October 21.

Take care, and Good Luck!!

Answer #3

the “big bang” is just a theory, we don’t have enough mass toeven make one, even if they are possibly real. before they can make one a new star has to die and be reborn. lmao. im stupid but yeah its not going to happen for about 18362836 million years.

Answer #4

ya..I just read about it for like an hour or so. and its a LHC (large hadron collinder) and its the fastest particle accelerator ever built.

Answer #5

basically they’re making something in sweden which will recreate the first few seconds of the big bang, however some scientists think that it could create a black hole and destroy the earth.

However, scary as it is, the chances of this are very low.

There’s some more info on

Answer #6

Okay, that’s not exactly what happened, see, they’re trying to make this underground thing, I’m not sure what it’s called, I forgot, but it’s throughout Europe (mainly France). If it goes well, there’s a good possibility we could time travel, and we’ll have more research of the big bang (it’s supposed to show the first few seconds of the big bang.) And yeah.

But apparently, there’s a chance that if it goes wrong, the Earth will be swallowed by a black hole, don’t be frightened, because these chances are extremely LOW! (although I’m kinda jittery and nervous today..)

Extra praying today and tomorrow!!


Answer #7

lol…wouldn’t a big bang pretty much f*ck us over too? haha.

Answer #8

what the f*ck is this?!! are they serious?

Answer #9

they are trying to recreate something and with one slight mistake can cause the black whole..

Answer #10

well the machine … atm has broken so janno … its aload of crap

and if it was that big of a risk to earth im sure someone wudda stopped em

and they said its suppost to do somethink and it will cure cancer nt sure how true it is though x

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