Why can't there be black colored light???

I always wonder…there are several colored lights…Red, Blue, Voilet…Bt not black …Why is it??

Answer #1

Because black is the colour of darkness, of no light

Answer #2

What people call ‘’black lights’’ are just ultraviolet lamps housed inside a purple tube. They are ‘’black lights’’ in name only. Suggesting a black light emits actual black light is like saying French fries all come from France.

The reason there are no lights that emit rays of blackness is because blackness is the absence of visible radiation, not a wavelength of radiation in and of itself. If you want a light bulb to ‘’shine’’ blackness, turn it off. You cannot produce a device that emits a lack of something, you can only take that something away.

Answer #3

ok when talking about light all light coming from the sun is white depending on what object it hits depends on its colour. eg a red object will reflect red into your eye and absorb everything else

so black object is when all light is absorbd

so to produce light that is black or produce darkness from a sorce would be impossable as far as I can tell.

but a light is a wave so if you were to produce a inverted wave or a light wave that is out of phase by half of white light. one can only amagine that would apear to produce darkness by adding the white light wave and the inverted wave to add to 0 (no light).

but thats just a guess so worth looking into maybe.

Answer #4

if you look at how my old PC used to look…


what do you think is causing the UV? :p

yes black light bulbs do exist ;)

Answer #5

Balck is a shade therefore it can’t be light or dark, mixing blcak paint and white paint would produce a gray with the darknesss depending on the amount of white paint used.

-I hope this has anwserd you quesion.

Answer #6

Actually my Question was…Can a black light be produced from any kinds of source??

Answer #7

Because wouldn’t that just be darkness…? Or do you mean colored light ray? Because black is all the colors being absorbed.

Answer #8

I have a black coloured lightbulb that shines black. its so cool.

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