Who has ever heard that people can see color on a black and white television?

I remember when I was little we only had a black and white tv. Somehow I could actually see color on the tv, like my brain automatically knew what shade of black and white represented what color. I was always confused on why it was called a black and white tv. When I got older we got a color tv and I lost the ability to see color on a black and white tv. I have heard of a few other people being able to do this.

Answer #1

Maybe becasuse they show very dull color on the screen,which looks like black.

Answer #2

Yes - your mind creates the colour as it would look in real life. That’s why a lot of people can watch a black and white film without realizing it’s black and white.

Answer #3

And if you see grass,trees..sky you just naturally create it.

Answer #4

I know people can…..I can (or could)…haven’t seen a black and white TV in 50 years….but your mind compensates. My mom would have sworn that the movie Psycho was in color…..she believed that it was…..but it wasn’t.

Answer #5

except when you are a child and somehow, black and white automatically = boring. Atleast for me! Weird since I now love old movies

Answer #6

But I could do it as a child.. I can’t do it as an adult. I wish I still could though!! My brain got used to a color tv now. :(

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