I'm so scared for tomorrow

the ‘end of the world’ thing. I’m actually crying I’m that terrified. I just read an article on yahoo news about the physicians ‘ignoring’ the fact black holes could be formed.

Seriously, I need HONEST opinions from people who actually know whats going on. I’m terrified.

Answer #1

uh… the world can end any day not just the beginning of the year!!! But even if it does everyone would die not just u! And worrying ain’t going to stop it. just make sure you have god’s forgiveness if you r really worried about this.

Answer #3

well if the world end should I die sleeping or eating a lot

Answer #4

“It is actually possible, as I understand it, that the experiment will create subatomic black holes that will last a tiny fraction of a second before collapsing. But the likelihood of these black holes becoming the more well-known kind of black hole is nearly nonexistent.”

This is from a WIRED article that is written by someone who knows what he’s talking about. Feel better?

It’s not ending.

Answer #5

Okay, I see where you’re coming from, because when my brother was telling me about this, I freaked and I was really scared, but listen, the people who created this reallly reaserched, and I they’re very careful, it’ll be okay, you’re alright.


Answer #6

omg the world is going to end! FUC* I am going to go steel a bank, sky dive, and become a doctor!! lol just kidding, those are thing I wanted to do before I die

Answer #7

So probability-wise, the event of the world ending would actually be a miracle, hehe.

Answer #8

There is actually only 3% chance of black holes forming… dont be so worried!!

Answer #9

LOL go see a therapist for anxiety. NOW.

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