Molecule Experiment in Finland

Does anyone here know anything about it? I have been reading about it and it is basically an experiment to re-create the big bang so that the mysteries of life can be unlocked. The bad thing is, if one thing goes wrong then small blackholes could be created that are undetectable to the human eye, these black holes could suck the earth and moon in to itself. So on wednesday we could be gone.

What do you reckon?

Answer #1

It’s in switzerland I think, and theres a small chance that black holes could apparently appear, but according to someone at CERN, its ‘nonsense’ and these are just rumours.

However, I’m not certain, and if it COULD end up in the annihilation of the whole world, I see no point whatsoever in taking the risk to find out something we don’t even NEED to know.

Answer #2

So does anyone actually believe in some way it could damage the earth?

I dont think I do, but anything is possible.

There have been countless death days for the earth, its all getting a bit old to be honest.

Answer #3

Alright mate, no need to get touchy about it.

The other questions on here are asking about it, I was asking what everyone thought about it.

Answer #4

Clearly you haven’t been reading about it enough. No, it wont be doomsday. There have already been a billion and one questions about this by other people on here before you too.

Answer #5

Some have speculated that it could create nano black holes. But a nano black hole is not stable. It would exist for no more than a tiny fraction of a second. A black hole with the mass of a proton poses us no threat.

So, even if the speculation pans out, it would not be dangerous to us.

Answer #6

No, it couldn’t. See Toadaly’s answer above for an explanation of why.

Answer #7

Check any of the 10 or so posts here asking the same question.

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