Suicidal thoughts

Please help me, im 15 years old, and im having problems coping with life. My teachers are dicks, I failed grade 4, im failing geography and history, and I feel like im going to fail grade 8. I have nearly been raped by my baby sitter when I was 6, I had an abusive father from when I was 4 and has left a scar on my face, or two from keys and lash effects. Im at the end of my rope and im having problems with my parents. Im sick of this bullshit the world is dishing out at us how to makes us and sets us all up to fail. Please help me repress these suicidal thoughts, or think of a way to stop them. Im a very happy person most of the time, until someone mentions something that has happened to them that relates to me and forces me to remember my problems. Then I go insane and start crying my eyes out.

Answer #1

get help. I didn’t have insurance and after recieving healthcare at the health department the insurance is valid at lots of psyciatrists offices or even try a mental treatment center. I am really sorry that you have had a hard like and bad things have happened to you. Being able ot openly talk about it will help you even though openly dealing with your issues will cause you lots of pain and tears being able to get past it all and realize that you are ok and not in a hard time anymore can help you with your suicidal thoughts. I have been suicidal before when bad things were hapening and it seemed like I was drowning in a wave pool of negative thoughts and bad memories. Some days I feel great. somedays it is almost like I cant let myself be happy. for ears now. Therapy has helped me a lot. get yourself some help. you should not have to suffer it is uneccessary. <3 learn to love and especially love yourself.

Answer #2

Thank you everyone. At the moment I had been crying and freaking out, and I still am effected from it, I am assuming it is a random depressed problem. What happens is ill have a bit of a bad day, then something will happen, then something else will. Then I freak out, and break out in tears, and start thinking about suicide right away. I try so hard to stop crying, and to stop thinking about it but I cant. Its very hard for me, because people around me dont understand what im going though and assume im weird because I will randomly start crying in class, or I have to find a way to stop it from happening. Thank you all for understanding. It helped me a lot, and it saved my life again. I will pursue medical help as soon as tomorrow. I now understand this is a serious problem and I need someone to assist me in it. Once again. You do not know how thankful I am. You just saved my life.

Answer #3

its ok I did that to. almost everybody thinks about that at one time. I did a lot. your life sounds a lot like mine. my teacher was gone and my sub tried to fail me. I got caught cutting. My dad left again. I had to see a theripist and thats just a little bit of it. if you need someone to talk to go find a friend who wont tell, its eventually going to work its self out I promise

Answer #4

awww you sound like such a sweet boy you can talk to me anytime you want k I hope you have a good night k :) :)

Answer #5

where I live there is a place called comprehensive mental health and they help with things like this maby you can search it and see if maby there is one where you live (also where I live it is free)

im so sorry for everything that has been done to you :(

Answer #6

You need to get professional help. Talk to someone. There’s no way to repress or stop thoughts permanently until you deal with the problem… They will continue to haunt you until you face what is bothering you…

Answer #7

It happens, I’ve become suicidal because of the most random things, but generally there is a bigger problem that is hard to see and focus on when you feel that bad. Therapy (and maybe even meds) wont prevent bad feelings, but it will make you think about it a little less catastrophically (it’s never the actual event that hurts so bad, it’s thinking about it and making it so much bigger, the “what if” that makes it so bad…)

Answer #8

your so welcome I have a son and I would hate for something to happen to him this makes me sad for you talk to them soon k :)

Answer #9

Thank you adensmomma06, im taking this into serious consideration.

Answer #10

im not a professional but I have been in a situation like you are and if you ever want to taljk funmail me :]

Answer #11

talk to someone, it really helps. and maybe you could get on anti-depressants bc they really DO help. I’ve had soo much worse happen to me and ADs really help a bunch,

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