Does everyone have suicidal thoughts throughout their lifetime?

And is it bad to have them and do stuff like planning it out but never actually doing it?

Answer #1

Well I’ve had that during REALLY bad times. But I always thought of how much I would hurt my friends and family with my death. Hehe! So you should push em outta ur head.

Answer #2

Yes. It’s called the easy way out because life can be hard sometimes. But the thing is, life can be great too. If you end your life, you do not get to experience the great parts of life. You do not even get to see how fast you can get over what was so hard in the first place. There are certain things that i would live through a war to see, My first born, my wedding, my children’s graduation, my children’s wedding, my wife’s beauty when she is 60. These things are just worth it and accepting that it is not going to be an easy ride makes the ride so much easier.

Answer #4

what I meant to say is nice answer.. don’t know why that link came up..

Answer #5

No, not everyone has sucidal thoughts. I’ve had some extremely bad times and I have never once even gave it the slightest thought. Life is way to preciousand important for that. If you are having these types of thoughts and even going so far as to plan it out, I think you should get some help.

Answer #6

It’s never good to plan out your suic!de. I understand that sometimes it can be very difficult and seemingly impossible to focus on the great parts of life when suffering from depression. I’m sure it would be very beneficial to you if you were to visit a psychiatrist. Even if you never plan to go through with the plans, the fact that the thought even entered you mind in the first place suggests that you are dealing with a lot right now. Good luck, and I hope everything works out well for you.

Answer #7

I think it’s normal to have these thoughts like that ocasionally.

It’s not dangerous to think about “what would happen if I…” As long as the thoughts get nowhere near serious.

Answer #8

yes i have and stell do

Answer #9

Does everyone have suicidal thoughts? No. Is it pretty common to have occasional, fleeting thoughts? Yes. Is it common to plan out a suic.ide? No. Is it bad to have thoughts? If you ever figure out how to stop thoughts, you let me know. I’ve been trying for over a decade with no success. Far as I know, no one has actually figured this out. So don’t feel bad for thinking. And don’t let others make you feel bad, or like you ‘should’ appreciate or be grateful for stuff. No one chooses to have these thoughts. People very rarely know what they’re talking about. What I do think, is that you should talk to someone about this stuff. Obsessing over how you’d want to die is probably comforting in some morbid way (I used to do it a lot), but it isn’t healthy, and it probably indicates something is not quite right in your world.

Answer #10

ive had sucidal thoughts b4 but then i thought of how cowardly it would be to kill myself just so i dont have to pass through pain that seems real cowardly

Answer #11

I mean bad thoughts not pushing away the thoughts of your loved ones.

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