What do you think about inspection stickers on cars, do you think they should be mandatory by law?

I hate having to get my car inspected every year and they will fail you for the stupidest reasons…i know most states dont have them anymore, do you feel that cars should be inspected once a year by law or that they should be gotten rid of in all states?

Answer #1

I don’t like the idea of yearly inspections–there has been talk of introducing them in this state, but nothing has happened yet. In the State/Territory in which we lived in the 1970’s, they had yearly inspections and my nearly-new Toyota Corolla was failed just because the inspector was having a bad day.

Answer #2

We don’t have anything like that in my country.I’ll give my opinion in any ways. I feel that it shouldn’t be mandatory for all cars but it should be for heavier vehicles such as trucks and busses, just because I see a lot more accidents happening with them involved.

Answer #3

As I understand it modern cars even when out of tune emit far less pollution than old cars at their best.

Rather than making every car owner have his vehicle inspected every year it would be cheaper and reduce pollution more for the government to buy up all the old pollution spewing clunkers.

Inspections are a boon garages. It drums up a lot of business for them.

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