What a hypocrite law to ban gun toys?

I have heard that a guy owner of a store was fined with thirty thousand dollars for selling gun toys that it clearly people can see that they are not real guns, but on the other hand a crazy guy can buy a real gun and go to kill many people in a movie theather like the massacre in the batman movie. So what is the point of this? Ban toy guns, but not bun real guns and anybody can go to buy a real gun without any problem. These laws are so hypocrite. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.

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I don’t think banning TOY guns will resolve anything at all. When I was a kid, all the boys in my neighborhood, including my brother, played with toy guns, and none of them (as far as I know) developed a propensity for violence. I mean, my brother wouldn't hurt a fly. Outlawing toy guns just sounds ridiculous to me. It’s not the toy guns, but the parental upbringing and environment in which these kids are brought up in at fault. I do see the hypocrisy, and I definitely believe more regulations on gun control is needed.

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Gun laws of ANY kind are useless and do nothing more than help create a larger and more active black market for them. The laws do nothing to prevent the criminal from obtaining a gun, rather just make it harder and more expensive for the law abiding citizen to buy one to protect his home and family as well as infringe on his / her right to do so. As for the hypocrite scenario your'e talking about, I can definatley see your point. Keep in mind that many laws that are voted on by polititions are done so soley for a feather in the cap and to appeal to a certain voter base, regardless of how they really feel about it.

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actually not just ANYONE can buy a real gun there are plenty of disqualifications to the process- admitting to illegal drug use- domestic violence convictions, being judged as having mental issues- illegal immigrants- past criminal record. but as onemandog states- criminals will get guns regardless through illegal means. a sane guy can buy a gun if his record is clean and then turn crazy after the fact.

where did this toy gun ban take place?? i haven't heard anything about it- to ban toy guns is an idiotic move but possibly a step to set some sort of crazy precedent for banning the real variety in a backwards half assed manner.
most gun toys are not black or silver anymore they are mostly orange or some bright color so that they stand out as toy guns.
i think it would be a serious travesty to deprive a young child- boy or girl of a toy gun- i went on many pretend safaris with my friends kids and their toy bolt action rifles i bought them, it was the first step in getting them used to handling a gun

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Well, i think it might be good to ban them to look real, because honestly their have been plenty of times where cops have shot someone cause they thought they had a weapon, and it ended up being a BB gun, or just a toy gun.

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if someone gets shot by the police while in possession of a toy gun it is their own fault- in many cases they are instructed to drop the weapon, which gives them the choice of dropping the weapon regardless if it is a toy or not. and if they decide to suddenly make a quick move and pull out the toy weapon then to the officer it will appear to be an aggressive action requiring a lethal response- again an example of someone being stupid.

if you possess a toy gun and are stopped by an officer- if you follow the officers directions and let them know a toy gun is present and where it is- AND ALLOW THE OFFICER TO RETRIEVE IT- there is no problem.

so a toy gun ban would simply be be punishing the rest of the world because of a few STUPID PEOPLE and their inability to follow simple directions while possessing a toy.

lets ban automobiles because drunks use them to kill people and cause property damage.

lets ban passenger jets - or all aircraft for that matter because they can be crashed into buildings and kill people.

lets ban iron railings because people have been injured by getting their heads stuck in between the bars.

lets just punish the entire world because of a few people that are proving Darwins theory correct.

what an utterly stupid concept.

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