what do you think of this new law from the goverment?

i watched on the news that the goverment want to track every message on the internet and text message on the phones to figth against terrorism,but i think this would be against privacy of the people, i mean imagine that the goverment can know everything that you write or text. i hope they dont do that because that would be crazy what do you think?

Answer #1

You mean the law that isnt new and came about under Bush? I think Bush and his cronies pushed through a lot using 9/11 as leverage.

Answer #2

Honestly, if the government was scanning every text message ever, I don’t think I’d care too much. Like they care what I’m texting about to people, they’d probably find it drab and uninteresting. And how they would manage that is beyond me, I can’t imagine reading every text sent would be easy, considering how much some people text. You’d have to have so many people on that. Ugh, that would be the worst job, reading some 13 year old girls texts.

Answer #3

Lol. I think they have automatic filters to pick up certain words and phrases.

Answer #4

who cares??? are you a terrorist??? why do they even “tell” the people if I was the prez/dictator of the USA i would just do it……..

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