how do I stop eating a lot

okay I really need your advice and help I want to know how do I stop eating a lot I eat way to much I’m not fat nor skinny but I need to know how to stop I eat way to much and this summer I gained weight and I dont want to become fat just because I eat way to much soo how can I stop please give me your advice thanks!!!

Answer #1

lock the fridge and give the key to a friend and then tell them to give it back when your the size you want :)

Answer #2

Lol. Im like the same way, excpet im really skinyy but I just eat a lot . Try and excersie more often so you can burn of what you eat , & sometimes when I do that , it makes me feel better because I know that excersing is good for you so oit just makes me feel better. But if your that worreid, try and tell your parents and maybe they can help you out…

  • hope I helped! goodluck !
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