it I stop eating chocolate will I get skinnyer ?:)

if I quit eating chocolate and sweets and stuff will I get a wee but skinnyer I dont eat that much but I eat well probably mor than I should I have a really healthy diet other ten that tho. but im a little bit hipy so if I stop eating sweets will I loos wight on my hips and thighs ? ? ? :)

Answer #1

:L well I dont ever even eat mor than 1 sweet a day id have sweets about 4 -5 days a week :P and I do do exercise I was just thinking it would help :P no?

Answer #2

Just stopping sweets won’t do the job. Allow yourself one sweet a day, that way you can fight the cravings without overdoing it. Also, exercise is a must if you want to lose weight.


Answer #3

It wouldnt be detrimental to your plans and your teeth will thank you too.

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