how can I stop eating too much

can you guys please give me adivce on how can I stop eating too much I’m not fat nor skinny but I’m eating why too much I mean I eat every hour I even eat at night I am scared of gaining weight I had gain a couple pounds this summer!!! would you please help me or give me advice on how to stop eating as much!!! thanks!!

Answer #1

Try to make it less temping.It sounds stupid but tell yourself”I don’t need this.”But you are growing,and you will eat more.But Instead of pop,try your fav. drink without too much sugar and caffine.Like Crystal light,milk,Smoothies,or better yet,water!And for food,Butterless and/or saltless popcorn,nuts,fruit,veg.with some dressing or topping,Most of all,think,”I can do this,The only thing stopping me…is me.Go for it.Resist,man!!!”I truely belive in you!Wish you the best of luck!!!

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