Still Believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny?

Do you still believe in like Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc?

Answer #1

LOL I stopped when I was four for santa and I never believed in the easter bunny

Answer #2

Haha! I figured it out by myself by the time I was in primary! My parents were insisting that it was real, but I saw the truth!

Answer #3

santa aint real OMG Sniff sniff lol I stoped believing a long time ago.

Answer #4

Well . . . I believe in them (they are the spirit of Easter and Christmas) but I know they aren’t real.

Answer #5

Noper doodles.

Answer #6

Who the hell does? If you do your just trying to be cool though I don’t know why that would make you cool.

Answer #7

Yes they are real. they are spirits!!! plus santa has sexy legs!

Answer #8

I havent since I was about 7 or 8…pretty early to kill a kids fantasy…

Answer #9

nope, santa doesnt have the technology to make a wii

Answer #10

I was whn I stop bealiving on those tngs

Answer #11

Nope. I was about 10 when I stopped.

Answer #12

mdmelwkfnogetnr NNNOOOPPPEEE. nobody does

Answer #13

I dont I havent since 4th grade

Answer #14


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