How do I know if I sprained my ankle?

How do I know if I sprained my ankle? It hurts when I put weight on it…it happened when I was playing basketball and landed on someones foot

Answer #1

well I can atleast walk today but it still hurts I’m not going to do a lot of walking just to the bath room and to get food…so I dont think its that serious

Answer #2

You could have it x-rayed…But first you might try to turn your foot this way and that 1st…N if it really hurts,then just only try phase 2…

Answer #3

Best thing to do would be to go to a doctor. They would know… Britz

Answer #4

um this is an easy answer…GO TO THE DOCTOR!

Answer #5

youve either rolled, sprained or torn it no one but a doctor can fihure out which one it is and how bad. but if your having trouble walking you need to kkeep weight off the foot whenever possible. keep it elevated, an if its withing 3 days put some ice on it to reduce he swelling. but you need to go to a doctor

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