How can I tell what grade of ankle sprain I have?

How can I tell what grade of ankle sprain I have? I spained my ankle falling down the stairs and its double the size of the other 1, is painful both when I am and when I am not walking. The pains got worse as time goes on. its really badly bruised. is it grade 1, 2 or 3. should I go to the doctor? how soon should I go?

Answer #1

Yes! Go to your doctors as soon as you can because if it ended up being a break and you left it too long sometimes they have to rebreak it. Even if its not to serious its worth going just incase.

Answer #2

thankyou for your replis they were both realy helpful, but I think ill wait for a few more opinions to be sure. does anyone know how you can tell what level of sprain it is?

Answer #3

Hi Vicky, I done similar last August and snapped my tendon in my ankle, Was weeks before I could walk on it again but it swelled up really badly and the bruise was more along the side of the foot so you may be lucky.

Get medical advice as you may need an x-ray, bandage tight for a bit of support and try not to put any pressure on it.

Hope all goes well.


Answer #4

This page must be a joy for those with a dodgy foot fetish.


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