How to heal a badly sprained ankle?

ok spraned my ankle bad I am a dancer so this sucks balls I cant dance for 3 weeks I cant even walk on it it has been I week I need to get better fast how can I make it go faster ahahaha I need to dance soon or I am ganna crack help me please !!!?!?!?!?!?!

Answer #1

ok…realx lol,…well cosider yourself lucky first of all! spraining it is much better than tearing it! im a skateboarder and I’ve torn both my ankles!…which really sucks!! but lucky for you the sprain wont take long to heal!…but while it does you need to give it rest…avoid walking on it if it feels painful and if its just happened put some ice on it… also you an keep your leg up over a chair…keep your ankle levitated and move it slowly around in circles every now and then to strengthen it more…go easy on it!

Answer #2

suck ballsacks and it will get better

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