Did I sprain my ankle?

i think i sprained my ankle bad, but i don’t know, and if i didn’t i want to make the hurting worse and make my ankle sprained, but how do u know if you sprained it?

Answer #1

The best way is wait a week and see how it feel after that, if it still hurts then go to the doctor. Also try moving your foot in all direction and hold it in that position for a few seconds. I had a sprained foot, put ice on it and it was better.

Answer #2

The best thing to do would be to elevate your ankle on something like a pillow and put ice on it. If it isn’t better within a week or two I would go to a doctor to have it checked out. When you have to walk on your ankle, however, wrap it in an ace bandage and try to wear loose shoes like flip-flops. ~Alanna

Answer #3

yea i twisted my ankle yesterday & it hurts like a dog is chewin on my bone in fact im icein rit now

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