What are spells to become a real witch?

please im so amased and I wish to become one and use my powers for good.will I get a supernateral talent too?and a element to control?

Answer #1

All it takes is practice… and a lot of books and supplies. you don’t need a spell to become a witch, you just need to practice with a witch for a year and a day. Then perform the rituals involved in the coven you want to join… that’s it.

Answer #2

I don’t know im sorry try to go to real-wishes.com it helps cause I did it but I still have to wait 5 more days

Answer #3

if you join a wiccan coven- it will take ‘ a year and a day’ for you to be trained.

being a witch is not like the movies or television portray it.

as far as an element to control- it is more like becoming one with all of the elements- and learning to utilize that energy flow.

as far as the supernatural talent- chances are you already posess certain talents, and through witchcraft you will learn about yourself, and exactly what you are capable of doing. witchcraft is neither dark or light- good or bad- it is a reflection of nature and the witch themselves.

Answer #5

bipity bopity boo!! haha no. just throwing in some humor there!! lol:D Thats so cool! congratulations in the future!

Answer #6

I read a link that said it doesnt take long. hmm


Answer #7

Spell to become a witch

Answer #8

I will like to become a hot witch to do good in my country.I’m sure you all will help me

Answer #9

I suggest you look into Wicca.

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