To all Witches and wiccans only!

What does it mean when you are casting a spell and you’re hands get all tingly? Is it energy or is it my imagination? Please help!

Answer #1

I think its energy honestly when your really focusing on the spell or what not and you get that feeling you really binding energy..

Answer #2

Ok. Because when I am casting a spell I sometimes feel weighted down by the tingling.

Answer #3

depending, it could be your imagination. You’ll know when it’s energy though, the sensation is unmistakable.

Answer #4

could be energy. You’ll know as you continue. I feel the energy flow through my whole body

Answer #5

anymore advice?

Answer #6

I have recently found out I am a witch/wiccan, and I have no idea what to do… can anyone help? im so confused on it, I tried searching the world wide web, but nothing came up that seemed factual… so now im trying this. please message me and if you want, add me as a friend.

Answer #7

I guess it could be energy. ‘Cause when I do rituals with my dad and we’re doing spell type things I get that tingly feeling. But also, it could be your imagination sometimes.

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