I need a spell book recommendation.

I have just started becoming interested in magic, and I would like a nice spell book (NO DARK MAGIC OR SATANIC SPELLS!) that I can read and use. Could someone please recommend a good spell book for me? Thanks!

Answer #1

HungryHungryChippo, have you actually practiced magick, researched magick(the bible does not count). The bible was written by men, who isn’t to say the devil didn’t “inspire” men to write it rather than God? You? You’re word isn’t good enough for me. I was Christian & find the religion to be completely BS, most religions are, that’s why I don’t have one. I’m just merely a practitioner of magick, the best thing that has happened to me since I’ve started studying science in elementary school. God & the Devil are man made to me. The biblical god is more human like than those of ancient Rome & Greece. He even takes it a step farther & executes his only son. He really didn’t have an reason to do so, I don’t buy into the “absolve all sins” bs either, he’s the “only God”, the “creator” he makes all the rules. He didn’t have to have a sacrifice made to forgive. As for magic being sinful, Jesus practiced magic, Solomon practiced magick-he supposedly got he seals from DEMONS. Early Christians would practice Belomancy. Your exorcist, priests, & reverends practice magic from pagans.

Answer #2

Agreed with Hourglass You cannot just decide to just instantaneously become something, you’ve to research and have knowledge before joining anything, whether it be a religion or a type of club, group, anything. Feel free to funmail me if you would like more information on the occult

Answer #3

here’s the problem; there’s 2 forces that can make “magic” happen…those being God and Satan. God’s “spellbook” would be the bible, which contains information on what you have to do to have the power of God at your fingertips. any other “magic” would have to come from powers obtained by the devil, so your “no dark magic” request is pretty much impossible to grant. the use of either God or Satan’s power isn’t something you can just hit the ground running with, as others have said. to make it work, you must make commitments and promises to one or the other to obtain power. my recommendation is to stay clear of witchcraft. you’re getting in over your head.

Answer #4

You offend me with your insolence. You cannot just become a practitioner, you’ve to study & practice for many months at least. You need to start out with a good informational book, not just some spell book. I personally wouldn’t recommend any spell books, the best spells to use are the ones you construct. Learn the craft & it’s ways, & then, if you still wish, start looking for a good spell book. Some good books to start out with are

Witches From the Mystery Library

Witchcraft For Dummies The Idiots Guide to Witches (These to are actually extremely informal)

DON’T buy any books from Silver Raven Wolf, Star Hawk, or Scott Cunningham, or any publishers from that company. Their books are misleading & hardly informal.

If you are interested in learning about magick, fun-mail me, I will help guide you.

Answer #5

Be careful with casting spellings and not to scare you… From what I have read regarding so call magic spells, if you decide to cast negative (or grey spells) on another person, the ramification (consequences) may come back to you 10 times worse.

You should be able to find most of the spells your after if you run a google search on the subject matter. It’s interesting reading I must admit. :)

Answer #6

The Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition ‘’Arcane Power’’ and ‘’Divine Power’’ books…

Answer #7

You realise spells don’t work, right? If they did, you could claim Randi’s million dollar prize, though.

Answer #8

what do you mean by good spell book that you can use could

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