What are some good spell casting websites for teens?

My friend got me into witch craft, problem is: I dont have a clue what im doing, im 14 and I would like some good websites that were intended for teens so I can learn the craft. (please no haters, this is my personal desicion and you should respect it, your not the one living my life so I make my own desicions.)

Answer #1

Exactly - you are responsible for your own ‘choices’ in life - that’s a bad, not-real, dangerous road to go down - surely don’t hate you for it, I just know it’s a bad ‘choice’, my opinion.

Answer #2

these books might help-

everything wicca (I think that volume two was good, although I didn’t see volume 1) anything by scott Cunningham

if you disagree with something online or in a book then just don’t include it in your practice!

Answer #3

“Exactly - you are responsible for your own ‘choices’ in life - that’s a bad, not-real, dangerous road to go down - surely don’t hate you for it, I just know it’s a bad ‘choice’, my opinion.”

I could say the same damn thing about Christianity. When I was Christian the only thing that dawned upon me was torment. Becoming a Witch was the best thing that had happened to me religion wise. & Again I state, if you DON’T know what you’re talking about, SHUT your mouth. Honestly. It’s agitating to see such an impervious fool talk about something they think they know all about just because they read some book that was written by MAN & claimed to be inspired by some driven creature in which there is no tangible evidence of existence rather than doing actually research & study. I am a witch & these are my words from an actually REAL life WITCH that has done many many years of study of multiple religions & had been converted from the shrouds & falsehoods of Christianity. & as for “just knowing”, you don’t. You may think you know, however you have yet to realize do to lack of wisdom. “My opinion”. without tangible supporting, that’s all it is, YOUR opinion, not fact, nothing more than a mere inmanifestationable opinion. Point blank.

Answer #4

if you are into witchcraft and you have no idea what you are doing then you are not really into witchcraft are you?

Answer #5

All witches start off unsure, but might I offer that you look at the history and then go to a book store and look for a book?

I found that amazingly helpful.

And we dont appeciate haters.


o christian holidays were taken from pagan sabbats to hide them and to make people forget about the pagan sabbats and focus on the christian holidays

o the early christian churches actually used pagan things like pentagrams to banish evil spirits and they still use inscense to purify which is a pagan thing

o all churches are built on pagan ritual grounds

o and they used the triple deity the father son and holy ghost which is meant to be the maiden goddess, mother goddess and the crone goddess which both represent new life, parental life and death

Answer #6

amblessed you don’t know for a fact because you never been down the road nor even studied it, the bible does not count. I can say things about Christanity because not only have I had YEARS of study(my knowledge is on par that of bibical scholars fyi) but I’ve also HAVE been christain. My knowledge rivals that of.

& honestly, there is none made for teens really, none that are good. but here are a few links I personlly recomend along with a few other friends if you’re a begininger 1_~ Oh, & I recemend that you DON’T cast any spells or anything until after ATLEAST a year of research & training. If you don’t know what you are dong, it can backfire on you.

http://www.electricwitch.com/contents.html http://www.realmagick.com/articles/43/2043.html http://www.angelfire.com/wizard/celticdeities/ http://www.dreammoods.com/ http://www.magickaschool.com/

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