icelandic witches or just witches

Whats the meaning of witches,wicca,goth,gothic,warlock to yall? Whats a cult or a cult do? How do you learn spells? Good spells.

Answer #1

to me a witch is someone who can utilize forces of nature, and nature itself to create a specific outcome. wicca is the name that has been tacked onto the ‘religion’ and teh beliefs of most witches or pagans. you will have to ask the goths for their definitions, back in the day they were a tribe of barbarians from the area of germany called ‘goths’ and another tribe called ‘visigoths’ they inspired a form of architecture- gothic. warlock is a basic insult to any male witch- but to the ignorant it is used to describe a male witch. as far as cults go- look at the organized religions to see modern cults in action they brainwash their followers to achieve power for either a central figure or many figures.david koresh and his followers- religious cult, jim jones- religious cult figure.

as far as spells are concerned you would need to study nature and herbology and astronomy as a solitary witch, or be taught for a year and a day by a coven of witches, spells and witchcraft are a reflection of nature witch is neither truly good or bad- it simply is- so your spells are a reflection of the witch casting them- so they are neither good or bad as well , they simply are- however, most witches seek to not harm anyone through magickal means- they seek to only benefit society and individuals. witches are governed by rules- the rule of three- that which you send out will be reflected x 3, so that and the personal morals of the witch themselves oftentimes prevents malicious spells being cast onto someone.

Answer #2

Wicca isn’t just about spells it’s about being one with nature and being a god kind person. Though if your interested in spell you may want to buy some books and a spell isn’t just meant to be copied from a book you can change the wording to suit you. A good website to help you out with your wiccan basics is Enjoy wicca Blessed Be Nala

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