How to fall asleep fast?

what are some ways of falling asleep really fast?

Answer #1

close your eyes and make sure you do not open them and dont think about anything, just consentrate on closing your eyes, soon after your mind will close down and become lazy then you will fall asleep.

good day =)

Answer #2

No caffiene 4 hours before bed. Make the room dark and quiet. shut your eyes and focus on relaxing your body. If your mind races, think about something repititious (like counting sheep, thanks princez91192) Melatonin and Valarian root are both herbal suppliments you can take (according to the directions of course) to help you relax about 15 minutes before bed. If you still have trouble, develope a strict routine with at lease five steps that you do EVERY night before sleeping.

Answer #3

if you exercise, I heard that it is easier to sleep at night. also, if I can’t sleep I open my eyes really wide & not blink til I have to then close them and think of something good : ) bennadyrl makes me sleepy too, buht you should ask your doctor for a sleeping pill if you can’t sleep.

Answer #4

classical music—I like claud debussy best.

and grasshopper—get a life.

Answer #5

Listen to soothing music or close your eyes and think of something really peacefull.

Answer #6

Count sheep :) lol Take sleeping pills. If it is really hard for you to get to sleep at noght talk to your doctor about a prescription to help you fall asleep. Make sure you burn as much energy during the day as possible. Dont just sit around and nap all day and expect to fall asleep later!! :) Hope I helped

XX amanda-marie

Answer #7

try to lay really still

Answer #8

get stoned/drunk

Answer #9

Most people are under the wrong impression that you need to fall asleep early. In actuality, it’s more about the quality of sleep than the quantity. But it depends on everyone’s diff body chemistries also. What works for several, may not work for one.

I read a medical study that said that it is not necessary to get 6-9 hours or so of sleep. And that if you cannot fall asleep by, let’s say 8-11pm… then rather than lie in bed trying to relax, which in my opinion actually causes more insomnia thru out the night… stay active or stay up doing whatever you were doing, such as tiring your mind out in front of the comp until a late hour like 12am midnight. Then go to bed. By then, your brain and body will be so exausted, it will fall asleep more quickly… and better yet, more deeply.

Also, certain strenuous exercises/mild body activities and/or showers/baths may help too. Taking GABA from helps before bed w/out leaving you groggy next day. And drinking something warm also helps. Alcohol may or may not help; I would not advise it tho.

Answer #10

Get a script for Ambien, swallow one, take a bath.

Answer #11

Listen to soothing music Have a nice hot chocolate or horlicks and off you go :)

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