Should age matter?

I’m 27 and my ex is 45. At first I didn’t know how old he was he does not act or look his age. After I found out it didn’t matter to me so we dated for a couple more months, after a while when I would think about his age I would get a weird feeling. He is really a great guy, he spoiled me so much, he treated me like a queen!! And not once did we ever have an argument, he has a good job and he loves to go out and travel so I love that. After we broke up it hit me really bad I missed him so much. Now we still talk and hook up when we go out but thats it… he always asks me if I want to go back out with him but I always say no. He is the perfect guy but then again he’s only 4 years younger than my mom!! And he has 2 kids that are older than me and he is a grandfather. I guess thats what bothers me… I’m confused!!! What do you guys think… should I give him another chance or just try to move on and find me someone around my age??

Answer #1

What it really comes down to is do you love him? Because if you really loved this guy then the age wouldn’t really be an issue. While I think you have many strong feelings for him I don’t think you really love him in a romantic way. It sounds like he has made you feel good about yourself and THAT is the reason why you are so confused. You have a special friendship with him that you don’t want to lose. You can still remain friends with him of course, but I think deep down you know he is not the one for you.

Answer #2

Maybe you should try to go out with other people (friends) and see how you like meeting new guys. You dont have to do anything with them but maybe go out for dinner etc. See how you feel before you rush into anything big. You may regret it later on if you do go back. I think you are very smart for thinking about it before you do it. mel x

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