does age really matter?.

im 15 and hes lets just say…hes a couple years older than me…but we get along so good. and I can be my total self around him and stuff. but question is , what is he really looking for? why is he even talking to me for? I mean we have a good time together and its really fun when were hanging out , were always joking around and what not…but..I just dont know what to think. uhmm can I get a point of view from a guy around his 20’s? or someone anyone !

Answer #1

Listen honey, age is just a number!!! I will tell you from my personal experience.. I went out out with a guy who was 26 and I was just 15 (not an ideal relationship, especially with the law). During my relationship with him I was building my trust and love for him because I was a little suspicious about why he would choose a youngin’ like me. We lasted 3 years until I just got sick of all the crap he does to me. If this guy makes you truly happy inside, why would it matter the age difference between you guys? It’s great that your having a good time with him, just don’t let him play with your heart. Understand what he really wants and what his real intentions are before you get into anything serious. No one would like to see a girl get her heart broken and if you believe this is the guy who you can trust or build that trust with then knock yourself out!

Best of lucks.

Answer #2

I’m prejudice…I know but the law is put in place for a reason…that reason is so that people can’t just use their discretion… Anyway…HE’S A MAN more than likely he’s gonna want adult things and you’ll feel pressured by that… age does matter when one person is considered a child and the other is an adult.

Answer #3

I have a mate in asac same pasition she just keep it like that for now! shes kissed him though! if you feel so confident round him talk to him ask him what he looks in a girl look out for hints thats what I told her to do they now get on as if there bestest friend but have like a sorta secret passion thing going on I hope this helps xx

Answer #4

it does to a certain extent it does matter . if he’s in his 20’s he trying to get sex out of you . The reason he’s talking to you is becus he can connect with you becus he was your age . I don’t think he’d actually want someone that young . no offense . plus its against the law and he could get in big trouble . he could be a good friend but I dont think anything more than it .

Answer #5

Age only matters in a legal aspect or if the other person is very young and being taken advantage of. If you’re having a sexual relationship then he could get into trouble with the law and have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life if he would get convicted for having a sexual relationship with you.

Stay away from any sexual contact until you are of a legal age to consent to it…in most areas that would be 16.

Answer #6

thankss everyone<3 I really appreaciate it.

Answer #7

noo it isnt but b carful as he goes clubbin and you cnt

Answer #8

no age does not matter if you really care about the other person

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