Does age difference matter?

Okay so there is this guy, he is like perfect, the kind of guy I’ve been looking for. One problem though he just assumed I was 16, like im not the kind of girl to lie about my age but I fell for him hard and fast, he is amazing. But I don’t know what will happen if I tell him I am 15. Like he is 21, but I dont know if he has issues with the whole age difference and what not. And I no he likes me aswell. So what do you all think about this? Like how do I tell him im 15, and how do I explain what im feeling bout him?

Like I told my mom about him and she did’nt no what to tell me.

Answer #1

like stephanie987 said “ tell him right way” he should be cool with it. something happened to me the other day “funny story eh” he assumed I was 16 too and im 14, so I told him, of course he was shocked but he got over it:) hope I helped.

Answer #2

You need to tell him right away. Because if not hes going to find out later on and be like “why didn’t you tell me” then he will always think you are hiding things. If you don’t tell him now he will probley be all “She didn’t tell me about her age, I wonder what else she isn’t telling me”, and you obviously don’t want that to happen so just be straight up about it while its not too late. :)

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