Why, does age really matter?

This doesnt involve me ,im just wondering what others think, but when it comes to dating a guy or girl , does age really matter ? Like what if the girl is 16 and the guy is 18. Does anyone think thats too much of a difference? But also , should it really matter ? Because what if your so in love with the person .

Answer #1

I dont judge someone based on age but based on personality. if two people get along and really like each other who am I to take away their happiness? =)

Answer #2

alright so heres the thing. if you 16 and hes 18 and you have sex then he would got to jail for rape. even if you were willing. because he is no considered an adult. but just dating. then its fine.

Answer #3

I think it doesnt matter at all! if you love someone age really doesnt matter. im going out with a 16 year old and im 13.. why should it matter age is just a number

Answer #4

I just think it matters cause theres wayyy to many pregnant 16 year olds. I think its ridiculous

Answer #5

I think that with age comes a level of maturity, and sometimes thats not always a good thing if its used negatively. Otherwise, if your in love and their in love and its pure and true without a shadow of a doubt, then its ok.

Answer #6

a 16 and 18 year old dating isnt a big deal. I dont think it’s a big age difference at all. I think in some instances, age does matter. like a 16 year old going out with a 23 year old. thats would be creepy because 16 is like a kid compared to a 23 yr old man

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