What should I say to him, does age matter?

I just met this guy who lives a few blocks away from me, his 30 but looks 25 and im 17… and I just got out of a very serious relationship of 2 years for a month and ever since I’ve pushed away guys instantly… but not this one, as I feel so different when im with him… he asked me to the movies what should I say/do? I avnt felt like this other than my ex :( and im still not over him just yet.

Answer #1

umm I just turned 17 last month lol, my friends says its a bit pervy and wierd… but I dont know, I’ve been attracting older guys lately

Answer #2

Lol awwh, well this guy is 13 years older than me xD awwh, well were seeing each other Sunday, lol he said to ditch my studying and go watch a movie at his or walk the dog, depending on the weather xD I avnt been with another guy for 2 years

Answer #3

Yeah I was or am inlove with my ex, but he changed… I broke up with him cause he started makin rules… started makin excuses all my friends hates him cause of how he treated me… but all through those I loved him all the same and was so hurt and I actually told him I want to help him and make it work, he just told me looking back at everything they dont mean a thing to him anymore and that I cant be that person to help him and that he felt wanting us to be together forever was too much so his giving up

Answer #4

he broke my dreams or was our dream, my hopes and everything I believed in… he crashed them in front of me repeating every single word of negativity in my face… that I didnt want to try and be in a relationships thats why I’ve been pushing guys instantly but I don’t know why with its different with this 30 yr old guy tho xD I don’t know if I should see this guy :L

Answer #5

the distance in age will not allow the relationship to succeed in my opinion…

yes its legal to be with each other but not socially exceptable as you now know with what your friends said :)

your 17 and this is just another rock on the pavement.. trust me, this isnt the bloke youll spend teh rest of your life with.

Answer #6

I am 21 and my boyfriend is 29, but when we started dating I was 17 and he was 25. We are so in love now, and the age difference doesn’t matter, but at some points in our relationship it DID come into play for different situations. For example: He wants to stay in because he has already experienced the party life, although I partied in H.S I wasn’t old enough for the bars and clubs until after H.S. – so I wanted to party more than ever! We have came to compromises obviously or we wouldn’t be together anymore, just keep that in mind. Although age is just a number it does place two people at totally different times in their lives. Hope this helped :)

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