How do I take screen shots from my Computer?

For example, it there is a web page that I want to show someone because maybe I am giving them directions on what to click, how would I do that? Do I need a certain program, or computer?

Answer #1

Open your Paint program. While viewing the page you want to capture, press your Print screen key…then paste into paint and save :)

Answer #2

Thanks Colleen :) I will try that!

Answer #3

I tried it, but it didn’t work. I pressed the “prt scr” button, but nothing happened. Is there another way to do it?

Answer #4

Oh never mind, my mistake. I pressed it, but I didn’t go and click edit>paste in my paint program. I got it now. Thank you. :)

Answer #5

Windows XP - Hold Ctrl + Prt Sc Windows Vista - fn (Next to Ctrl) + Prt Sc Windows 7 - Same as XP Hope this helps!

Answer #6

You could also try several other methods.

Windows XP: Ctrl + Prt Scr = Paste in Paint program Windows Vista/7: Snipping Tool.

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