How do you take a screenshot?

Ok I have a HP…I don’t know very much about computers lol so I might aswell tell you everything I know.It’s an HP,I have windows explorer 8..if there is anything more you need to know to take it please ask me I think I can figure it out. But what buttons do you press on the keyboard/what do you do to take a screenshot? Thx!

Answer #1

Control-print screen will take a screen capture and save it to your clipboard. From there, you can paste it into any other program.

Answer #2

Alternative if you have Vista or Win7

Use the snipping tool if you don’t need full window/screen captures:

Also, just pressing the ‘Print Screen’ button will capture the entire screen to your clipboard, pressing ALT-Print Screen captures only the current window to your clipboard.

Answer #3

Thanks mikeh!!

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