How to take a screenshot on Windows XP?

on my computer I have a windows xp - how do I take a screenshoot???

Answer #1

step by step guide:

Answer #2

mine isnt working ethier! I have a windows XP and my prnt scrn is on top of the number 7?? what do I do I need help!!!

Answer #3

I used to have a sony vaio..It should work. You may not notice anything but when you you paste into some sort of document then it should appear.. :)

Answer #4

Yes I don’t think it works like that on PCs, it only works if you have some sort of software. You will not see anything when you press the ‘prt sc’ button but it is still taking effect. Try pasting it into Paint, or any other sort of document and you will see that it has done.

Answer #5

You can also use control + alt + print screen…hm, that’s the way that the screen capture worked on my XP machine anyway (sony laptop).

Answer #6

ooo thanx stella and thedude , it was working from the begin ,I just didnt know that I have to paste id somewhere … thanx a lot

Answer #7

I got a sony vaio - xp and still doesnt work ??? what should I do ???

Answer #8

u know when I use the mac note book - it appears on the screen and you can also choose the size of the picture …

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