computer has like a blue screen, how do I take it off?

my computer has like a blue screen and I tried shutting it down and it still is the same way so how could I take it off?

Answer #1

Just restore it back to its factory settings

Answer #2

Blue screens can mean many things, you need to write down the long code at the bottom that looks like 000000000OCXA3F and so on. It doesn’t mean your PC is broken and could be a conflict from installing a driver or program, or indeed getting a virus.

If you have not fixed it yet, post it here or into google.

Answer #3

Like the adviser said, that’s probably the sign of death. Take your computer up to geek squad or another computer shop and see if they can fix it. I’m sure they will though. Or, in my opinion, it could be something else.

Answer #4

You’ve got what is called the Blue Screen of Death. If you don’t know how to diagnose what caused it, you really should take it in to the professionals for repair.

Here are some readings on it:

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