Why does my phone(samsun rant) screen randomly freeze up,and takes forever to start back?

And i usuallx hold down the end button for it to un freeze, am i the only one!! and i cnt take it to the Sprint store right nw either lol.

Answer #1

Did you get it wet?

Answer #2

That’s what she said XP

Answer #3

did you try taking the battery out?

Answer #4

It’s probably just a error with the phone. When you can take it in, do it. They’ll likely get you a new phone or fix whatever problem you have with it, so long as you didn’t void the warranty is some way.

Answer #5


Answer #6

lmao bt no i dnt get it wet or ne thing

Answer #7

yep, sigh tried tht 2 … 4X’s!

Answer #8

yeah,im gonna try and get to a sprint store soon, hopefully its time to switch out for a new up to date phone lol

Answer #9

me likes lol

Answer #10

have you looked if the firmware needs upgrading?

Answer #11

nope, gonna do tht nw tho >.<

Answer #12

make sure you backup your contacts and everything else on the phone memory before you upgrade if infact it does need upgrading

Answer #13

It’s a common problem with samsungs. My boyfriend have had to samsung phones and all of them give problems with the screen at some stage. I suggest getting a new phone.

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