Same cat different problem

My roommate’s two year old male cat chews through all of our electrical cords in the house. So far he’s gone through a mic for a video game, a pair of brand new headphones, an ipod cord, and an ethernet cord.

It’s so bad that even my one year old cat has started picking up on this bad behavior. What can I do to make them stop chewing?

Answer #1

my cat at one point started doing this- what the vet suggested and worked was that every time you see they are doing something bad have some keys handy (housekeys) make sure they make a lot of noise. When they are near anything electrical or you see them getting ready to bite throw the keys on the ground next to them enough to scare them away. Dont throw it AT them just make sure the keys make enough noise; cats hate this noise and will learn that every time they chew something they arent supposed to they will hear it. If this doesnt work try having a small water spray-thing around. Like the ones to spray the plants with (go to the dollar store and buy a really small one) but put WATER inside it. Again when they get near the cables and such spray a little water in their face. They absolutely hate this and, believe me, will back away and not touch the cord again.

‘member not to abuse either weapons of reprimand though because they might just also learn to hate you. only use them when really necessary.

Answer #2

I’m wondering if this cat is bored…will he play fetch or any chase games that will take out his pent up energy??


Answer #3

as mean as it sounds you have to spank them when uyou catch them doing it. talk to them in a firm voice about what they are doing wrong they might not understand completely but your expression and tone in your voice allows them to understand they are doing something wrong!

Answer #4

EASY solution. Rub vinegar on the cords and viola your cat will hate tasting anything that tastes like vinegar.

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