Cat problems- teeth, pain

Okay, my cats about 6 years old, and she’s like losing her teeth, her front teeth are gone, except her top long pointy ones, and sometimes she’l meow, and its not a regular meow its kinda like shes hurting.

Any help? I wanna know whats wrong with my kitty :(

Answer #1

I would highly suggest taking her to see a vet. It may just be she’s getting old fast…but it could be something much more serious

Answer #2

6 years old is not very old for a cat…for her to be loosing teeth like this indicates to me, that there is something else going on with her…DO take her to the Vet, and have her checked out…


Answer #3

yes we do dental’s, this month if pet dental month and we did them at a discount rate, Bad teeth in a pet can cause lots of health issues and death, If you are concerned then you need to make a vet appt. and see if the doctor thinks she needs a dental done, they will pull teeth that are causing issues. it is the same as us and the pain is the same, Get her checked out.

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