How can I get a cat from peeing on different rugs in the house?

I have 6 cats, they are able to come in & go outside threw the pet door, but I’m not sure if its the same cat doing it, its the bathroom rug , kitchen & my Moms room, they would proably go on my rugs in my room if I didn’t follow them everytime they went in there. I wash the rugs as soon I ck them. Will vinegar mixs with alittle water hurt the rugs?

Answer #1

I have looked it up. Havent found anything that says they wont pee in a house where they live.

Answer #2

Interesting theory, my cat peed in the house. She just didnt like the fact that her litter box was covered. Pretty sure she knows she lives here. She refuses to go anywhere else. It is possible one of your cat has a urinary tract infection (it’s hard to catch them in the act) but I’m not sure how you’re going to tell which one it is. Also, you can try the sprays.

Answer #3

the are being territorial…

your cat will never piss where it lives ;)

its not your cat pissin in your house …

remenber cats have never been and nerver will be domesticated :P

cat pee stinks… best just chuck the rug in the washing machine :)

if it is your cats doin the naughty in your home then they dont belive your home is theirs ;)

Answer #4

I used vinegar for the same purpose and it made it worse, the cats tried to cover the smell up by peeing more. It might work for you, but I warn you from my experience. My uncle has a couple of cats and he uses a targeted, continually effective spray called KeepOff. It contains ketone, cats will avoid it entirely. You’ll find it in most pet stores. Essence of lemon grass will work too, if you follow the whole organic/green movement. Look for it in herbal or naturopathy stores.

Answer #5

look it up…

cats do not deliberately pee in their own home!

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