What could be causing this cat's breathing problems?

I am house sitting for a friend, and his cat is 12-14 lbs, a little obese I think. When she breathes, it sounds like crickets chirping, is she wheezing, or does she have a URI or other infection?

Answer #1

Cats make all kinds of wierd noises…like a half-purr, might have a chirp at the end…my old siamese used to snore as loud as an old man in a nursing home…

If the cat doesn’t seem distressed, then nothing to worry about.


Answer #2

purring yes, no other symptoms, he said shes getting over her worms, he didnt say what kind..and im not a fan of cats, but he comes back tomorrow nite, so I think he should take her in

Answer #3

go see a vet her lungs are possibly its lungs are punctured and filling with blood. call a vet and ask b/c she also might just have asthema like my chihuahua. so don’t worry if it’s sleeping patterns change it is not as active and/or is disstressed then I would really worry b/c of the blood thing but otherwise don’t worry and just call a vet.

Answer #4

Is she purring? Maybe she does have a weezing issue. See if thte owners mind you taking her for a check up.

Answer #5

Is it a Persian, one of my cats is a Persian and she sounds like that. If she isn’t she needs to see a Vet.

Did you know some cats are allergic to their selfs

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