What's the big problem with having 9 cats?

I have 9 great cats. I love all of them. They’re all spayed and neutured and declawed. Updated on their shots, everything.

I don’t see a problem with having that many. My mom is telling me to get rid of half. How the hell could I do that? I don’t pick favorites. ‘’/

Answer #1

Maybe make different catagories such as the cats you have the closest relationship with, the ones that give you the least hardest time at bathtime, which cats shed the least and so forth. Then you can keep the cats who “score” the highest in all the catagories you come up with.

Answer #2

It really doesn’t hurt us financially though. My mom doesn’t think I can give all of them the full attention they deserve. Which I can. :(

But anyways.. my original question is. How do I choose which ones to keep?

Answer #3

May I ask WHY they are all declawed? I don’t think nine cats is too many if all are spayed and up to date on shots. But don’t get any more, 10 and you become a hoarder… If you decide to find GOOD homes for some, you must make SURE the will be indoor cats. A cat without claws has no chance as an outdoor cat.

Answer #4

are any of them fat? fat cats are the only ones worth keeping around. offer them unlimited food for a month, and keep the fattest four. the rest are boring and skinny, anyways. god luck streamlining your quantity of cats.

Answer #5

LOL, to underwater, anyway the biggest problem is that if your normal and not a cat lady, you will be spending most of you time with the cats (because you love them) and spend less time interacting with real people which will turn you into a cat lady. plus 9 cats??? really???

Answer #6

OKAY. It’d be nice if you grew up, just a bit.

It’s obvious I don’t mean literally HALF of the cats. Since that’s impossible. People are stupid: )

You know what I mean. Quit being complicated.

Answer #7

If I were your mom I would want you to give some up also. 9 cats? dang! How many litter boxes do you have? STINKY!!!

Answer #8

I think it is a little unhealty to have that many… but if they are clean I don’t think it would matter. I am allergic so I wouldnt know

Answer #9


you didn’t even answer my question. It’s not ‘’un-healthy” to have that many. I live in a really big house with a small family. we all love them and take care of them.


yes,they’re all indoor cats thats why they’re all declawed. most of them were declawed when we got them. people always dump cats in our neighborhood and we set out food on our porch and they stick around and we get them shots and make sure they’re healthy and get rid of their fleas and they always end up staying. : )

Answer #10

alright…if you don’t like the four-fattest-cat solution, perhaps you could set up a large cage, put them all in it, and allow them to decide for themselves in a massive battle royale! seriously though, if your mom will only let you keep a couple, I’d either pick the ones that get along together the best, or the ones that are the most screwed up. (nobody’s going to want to take care of a screwed up cat…you will, but that’s just because it’s yours and you love it. other people won’t have that emotional tie.) hope it works out for you…

Answer #11

Frankly, I don’t understand why you’d have to find homes now…it’s kinda too late, in my opinion…but that’s me…once an animal is in my hands, it’s there forever…So…maybe find homes for the two you are the least bonded with…and then see how your mom does…two less maybe all that’s needed. If you can manage to procrastinate long enough, someone bound to pass on from old age… :)

I’d think 4 dogs would be more work than 9 cats…again, that’s just me…I’ve got the feeling, tho…that you’ll find good homes, for how ever many you have to…you’ve taken good care of them thus far.


Answer #12

for your information, : )

interacting with my pets, DOES NOT interfear with my social life and interacting with humans, at all.

I will not magicaly turn into a “cat lady”. it humors me that you think I will.

I have a good social life, with lots of friends. I just love animals. I have 4 dogs too. So don’t even worry about me becoming socially akward “ cat lady “. Kay?

Answer #13

The real problem is…how do you get rid of half of nine cats?

Answer #14

Nothing is wrong with having 9 kitties. They sound healthy and well taken care of :D

Answer #15

I dont see any problem with having 9 cats! im a guy and I have 6

Answer #16

wow your going to have 4 and a half cats weird

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