My cat has a problem with the litter box

My cat is 7 years old, so is the other cat, but the problem is, my cat doesnt use the littler box to poop, he goes on the concret around it, (the cats are in the unfinished part of the basement) he pees in the litter box, but I noticed he poops like every 15 min. Sometimes, and he just stands on a spot on the concrete and poops, its annoying and messy, you have to wait for it to dry to scoop it up but it leaves brown stains all over the concrete, and I cant get rid of them, and no matter how clean, different or new the litter box is, he eventually starts on the floor again, why is this? And what could clean concrete??

Answer #1

The idea with the multiple litter boxes is great. The cat might not like the litter too deep perhaps shallower litter will help. The cat also can smell where he has gone before and thinks that is the ‘poop’ place. So using and enzyme remover might help.

Answer #2

Besides giving your cat a choice of several litter boxes ( try Scoop Away for Multiple Cats ) , get Natures Miracle Enzyme spray to spray the spots on the concrete…it will deorderize and remove the stain…it might take a few sprays if the stain is heavy. If there is a mess, pour litter on it…to dry it quickly…so it doesn’t set in.

Answer #3

Harleyrider is right. Some cats prefer one litter box for peeing, and another for pooping. So maybe you need to get another litter box for this cat for pooping. To train him/her to use it, leave a bit of his/her poop in the new box so that it will get the idea that it’s HIS/HER pooping box.

Answer #4

Hmm try putting newspaper on the ground, as for how to solve it, I dunno my cat does the same thing

Answer #5

they do say that for two cats you should have two liter boxes plus one. so maybe have three liter boxes. and make sure they are always cleaned out

Answer #6

Cats are very private about peeing in the same litter box, if she keeps doing this its because she or he dosnt like the fact that the other cat is doing is stuff in its bathroom… I would say you should get another litter box and they will work things out.

Answer #7

Cats are really clean animals and they do not like a dirty litter box - at all, so you’ve got to keep clean on a daily basis. The idea of three litter boxes is good. Many animals mark their territory with their urine, and the cats may be “remarking” the territory to cover the others scent. But when they are pooping they go to a “clean” spot to do it.

Try chlorine bleach on the stains, but I’d test it first, a small patch somewhere unnoticeable. It sounds like the concrete is not sealed and it might bleach the spot white and make white spots instead of brown ones.

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