religious ed

my dad forces me to go to a religious ed class I hate it my family is barely religious but my grandpa is. they make you go on stupid retreats and stuff the worse part is its like religion is being forced on me when I dont care I tried telling my mom but shes making me go because my dad wants me to

Answer #1

Tell your dad that you will not go, and thats final. He cannot force you to go. I mean, will he like pick you up and carry you to these classes? lol

Answer #2

Study up on arguments against the things they are teaching in the religion class, and challenge the instructor. They’ll eventually kick you out.

Answer #3

lol toadaly…

I always veiwed religion classes as just classes… so you get to learn what other people think… you’re not a mindless droid, you are not automatically going to believe what they say, so why not just listen and learn? When you get older then you can make your views known and just not go…

Answer #4

Pick you fights…this can’t harming you in any way, just taking up your time.


Answer #5

that sucks no one needs religion shoved down their neck. however your still under your parents rule so the only thing I cn think of is Go and learn from a objective standpoint. the more your informed the better. I dont believe in God but I’ve read the bible and occaionaly go to a church or 2 to see what they do, just for the heck of it. This way you dont have to swallow that crap and your parents are happy

Answer #6

Go! It’s part of respecting your parents and their choices.

Simply consider it as a way of learning what some of the things are that motivate other individuals. Also consider the retreats as camping trips that give you exposure to different things and help with social interaction.

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Answer #7

hmm… define ‘religious ed’

Does it deal with ALL religions? Or just ONE in particular?

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